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Building on 20 years of partnership with universities across Canada and Statistics Canada to provide secure, direct access to microdata that can be used to identify and address priority questions for researchers and policy-makers, CRDCN is strengthening models and mechanisms for collaboration at the research-policy nexus that contribute to improved processes and increased capacity for microdata access and analysis, harnessing technological innovation with its partners, and supporting the pipeline for research.

CRDCN advocates for the importance of research and demonstrates the value of research-policy collaboration, leveraging the ways in which research and policy colleagues that are members of the CRDCN community are aligned: the use of sound methods; robust data and ethical standards for inquiry and analysis; the aim to better understand complex challenges at the local, regional, national and global levels; and contributing to solutions to these challenges.

Research Collaboration

CRDCN facilitates research collaboration opportunities between academic researchers and colleagues in government, the non-profit sector or social enterprises to identify and address issues relevant to the research and policy arenas.

Researchers across the CRDCN community are engaged in many collaborations. The following, however, are current collaborative programs facilitated by CRDCN centrally: