Canadian Population Health Survey Linkages

Longitudinal, Integrated (1993 to 2017)

Portrait of Canadian Society

Cross-Sectional, Single (2021)

Canadian Food Environment Database

Cross-Sectional, Single (2018)

British-Columbia Income Assistance – Income Tax Administrative Files

Longitudinal, Administrative (2009 to 2018)

Canadian Housing Statistics Program

Cross-Sectional, Single (2018)

Canadian Health Measures Survey

Cross-Sectional, Repeated (2007 to 2019)

Health and Activity Limitation Survey

Cross-Sectional, Repeated (1986 to 1991)

Survey on COVID-19 and Mental Health

Cross-Sectional, Repeated (2021)

Covid-19 Vaccination Coverage Survey

Cross-Sectional, Single (2021)

Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey

Cross-Sectional, Repeated (2020)

Canadian Survey of Cyber Security and Cybercrime

Cross-Sectional, Single (2019)

Survey on Quality of Employment

Cross-Sectional, Single (2020)

Survey of Digital Technology and Internet Use

Cross-Sectional, Single (2019)

Canadian Survey on Disability linked to T1 Family File

Longitudinal, Integrated (2017)

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Linkage Project

Longitudinal, Integrated (1992 to 2016)

Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Longitudinal, Administrative (2020)

Canadian Survey on Disability linked to Census Housing Data

Cross-Sectional, Single (2017)

Survey on Individual Safety in the Postsecondary Student Population

Cross-Sectional, Single (2019)

Canadian Armed Forces Health Survey

Cross-Sectional, Single (2019)

Longitudinal Administrative Databank – Discharge Administrative Databank linkage

Longitudinal, Administrative (1997 to 2015)