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The CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant

At the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN), we are pleased to continue supporting the next generation of highly qualified personnel (HQP) through the CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant, a one-time, $1,200 grant to Ph.D. students who are undertaking thesis-related research in one of the 33 Research Data Centres (RDCs) at universities across the country. Please note that this is not a recurrent grant, and past recipients are not eligible to apply.

The grant is designed to support the development of emerging scholars’ skills and expertise in data analysis and research and to strengthen the career pathways for the next generation highly qualified personnel (HQP). Training has been central to CRDCN’s mission for more than 20 years and we aim to create a greater sense of belonging and community among emerging scholars across a broad range of disciplines in order to promote career-long engagement with the RDCs and the CRDCN research community. 

Grantees will be recognized as CRDCN Emerging Scholars and will be encouraged to present their research results at CRDCN sponsored events, when feasible and appropriate.

Eligibility criteria and applicant requirements 

To be eligible, the applicant must be a Ph.D. student enrolled full-time at a Canadian university. The applicant must submit the following:

1. A complete application, online, through the CRDCN website (which includes permission to use the applicant’s photo for communication purposes); and 

2. A letter from the Ph.D. supervisor that uses the CRDCN template and confirms that: 

  1. the applicant is enrolled in a Ph.D. program in a Canadian university;  
  2. the applicant has successfully completed all comprehensive examinations; 
  3. the applicant’s thesis proposal has been approved and at least one chapter will use RDC data;  
  4. the applicant has received an approval from Statistics Canada for access to the RDC data; and 
  5. if the applicant is successful, the $1,200 will be transferred to the applicant via the supervisor’s home university. 

CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant recipient requirements

 CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant recipients agree to:

  • accept the invitation to join the CRDCN “Emerging Scholars” community;
  • acknowledge the use of the RDC and the support of the CRDCN in their thesis and other outputs related to the research conducted in the RDC (e.g. conference presentations, scientific publications, etc.);
  • inform the CRDCN when their thesis is successfully submitted by completing the CRDCN researcher survey;  
  • complete CRDCN’s one-page “research-policy snapshot” upon completion of the proposed research and grant permission to CRDCN to edit it for clarity and promotional purposes; and 
  • accept the invitation to collaborate with CRDCN to present my research findings at my home university and/or via CRDCN channels.

Application process

Click here to apply to the CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant. 

Candidates can apply online any time during the year, provided they meet the criteria and applicant requirements described above. The applications will be processed three times per year according to the following schedule: 

  • Applications received from December 1 to March 31: grants will be awarded by May 15. 
  • Applications received from April 1 to July 31: grants will be awarded by September 15. 
  • Applications received from August 1 to November 30: grants will be awarded by January 15.

For more information about this grant, contact