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CRDCN research-policy snapshots

CRDCN research-policy snapshots are one-page summaries of policy reports and published research to showcase and extend the reach of the work of the research community using Statistics Canada microdata accessible through one of our Research Data Centres in over 30 universities across Canada.

Each snapshot is assigned a Permanent Identifier to help policy colleagues find and cite the work undertaken by researchers, to assist them in making evidence-based recommendations on matters impacting Canadians.

Snapshots are produced in the same language as the original report or article (French language snapshots for policy reports and articles published in French language journals are produced in collaboration with QICSS).

Below are the most recently published individual snapshots. At the bottom of the page you can find compilations we call digests, a twice-annual volume collecting snapshots from a 6-month period that include any additional information provided by the researchers.

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Volume 1, Number 1 (January 2022)

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