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Immigration & Settlement

CRDCN researchers offer a wide range of expertise and insights into the areas of data, research, and policy.  Note that some of our experts have research interests that cut through multiple themes and are listed only under their primary interest. To contact a CRDCN expert, please send a detailed request to our Director of Communications and Engagement, Chloé Roussel (

Information Box Group

Howard Ramos

Languages: English

Short Bio: Professor of Sociology, Dalhousie University.

Research Area: Social justice and equity with interests in immigration, indigenous peoples, education, Atlantic Canada, race, and ethnicity. 

Mikal Skuterud

Languages: English

Short Bio: Professor of Economics, University of Waterloo.

Research Area: Unionization and regulations in labour markets, particularly how immigrants navigate the labour market.

Arthur Sweetman

Languages: English

Short Bio: Professor of Economics at McMaster University, and Ontario Research Chair in Health Human Resources.

Research Area: Physician incentives, health policy, immigrants integration to the labour market, and higher education policy.

Abdie Kazemipur

Languages: English

Short Bio: Professor of Sociology, and Chair of Ethnic Studies at the University of Calgary.

Research Area: The socio-economic experiences of immigrants in Canada (particularly those from Islamic countries), and the socio-cultural developments in the Middle East.