COVID-19 updates from the CRDCN and local RDCs in response to the coronavirus
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Communities of Practice

The CRDCN research community includes more than 2,000 researchers across the country, representing a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and expertise with microdata in the Research Data Centres. Researchers and policy colleagues have expressed an interest in having a forum in which to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, ask questions of each other, engage in dialogue and explore collaboration. While CRDCN brings researchers and policy colleagues together through our annual conference, workshops, and themed meetings, we recognize the importance of supporting communities of practice (COPs) that are collectively shaped by the CRDCN research community and policy colleagues.


We invite the CRDCN research community and colleagues working as Analysts in Research Data Centres in universities across the country to work with us to add to the resources section below, adding to a repository of public-facing code and codebooks, among other data documentation resources, that can be shared across our community in support of research and analysis using RDC data.

We have created the following research-themed CRDCN Community Channels using the Slack platform.